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Native US English- Speaking children


We are looking for native US English- speaking children (15years or younger) to take part in a Data Collection Project. The 3 age groups are 0-7, 8-13, and 14-15.


The purpose of this study is to help the biggest search engine to develop and improve its speech recognition technologies for its products and services.


This will be a great learning experience for kids, plus a fun way for them to earn some money for their participation in the project


The task involves recording short US English phrases into an online app; preferably on an android device, or on a computer using Google Chrome.


One round of recording is 100 phrases with each child allowed to do up to 5 rounds of recording or a maximum of 500 prompts in total. This task will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete one round.


All speakers' parent or legal guardian must submit a consent prior to user ID being issued. The consent form and submission links are provided in the sections below.


If there are more than one child participating in one family, the parent will need to submit a consent for each child.


New link to Parental consent form is https://goo.gl/XLp0wp Reference Number: us0458


Registrations Submission link: https://appen.formstack.com/forms/uscre


Effective 7/26/16: Participants will be asked to provide a supporting document for proof of age and identity. The participants will have the freedom to choose what document to submit. However, we might contact the person for more details if required. Each household is allowed to submit applications for 3 children. If there are more children in the family, please send us an email.


After submission, you will receive an instruction PDF for detailed steps on how to complete the task. Please take note of the PIN that you will be provided, it will be your user identifier in completing the task. Kindly take note of the deadline as well. The instructions are universal. The steps to complete the task are exactly the same for all devices.


Job Requirements:


•Must be 15 years or younger. A parent or legal guardian consent form must be completed.

•Must be in the United States and must have a clear US English accent.


Please send a message to further discuss details on how to get paid. Kindly share this info to those who might be interested. Thanks much!



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